Ann Christine Meidinger

General Manager |

With a vast experience gained both in Fortune 500 companies and leading international organizations, as well as disruptive business endeavors in corporate banking, international event management and sustainable development, Ann Christine Meidinger brings to this team a global perspective and ability to adopt innovative strategies to help find multidimensional solutions for every issue at hand.

Born and raised in Germany, she has lived in six countries and conducted businesses with parties from over 70 countries around the world. With a double-degree in Business Administration from Dublin City University in Ireland, and from the European School of Business (ESB) at Reutlingen University in Germany, Ann Christine applies her expertise in business administration to ensure our firm renders excelling services and high standards to all our clients.

Her global business perspective is a valuable contribution to the long-term relationships we build with our clients, positioning us to be more effective on multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.

Ann Christine was a professional rower for Germany. In 1996, her boat won the World Junior Rowing Championship in Strathclyde, Scotland. The experience overcoming all psychological barriers and physical challenges as a team, developed her leadership style to be deeply rooted in teamwork.

  • BA, European Business, Dublin City University, Ireland
  • Diplom Betriebswirt (ESB), European School of Business, Reutlingen University, Germany
  • Law Firm Administration Course, Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile
  • Organizational Analysis Course, Stanford University, USA